How Fast Can You Lose Weight With the Cabbage Soup Diet?

While results vary between individual dieters, the cabbage soup diet may allow people to lose around 10 pounds per week. However, because the cabbage soup diet is not nutritionally sound, it is intended for short-term, minor weight loss only. Dieters are not advised to follow the cabbage soup diet for more than one consecutive week.

The cabbage soup diet is intended to facilitate the loss of excess water weight rather than fat. Because the weight being lost is related more to water retention than stored fat, people following the diet are likely to lose weight quickly. However, because of the extremely restrictive nature of the diet, it is unsustainable and potentially harmful for long-term use. The diet does not offer all the nutrients that an average person needs in a day. Following the diet for longer than seven days may cause the metabolism to slow down and store more fat.

The cabbage soup diet is a low-fat, low-carbohydrate and low-sodium diet that centers around a low-calorie cabbage and vegetable soup recipe. On each of the seven days, users consume a specific combination of cabbage soup, certain fruits, starches and protein. It is also important to consume eight to 10 glasses of water per day while on the diet to stay hydrated and avoid water retention. recommends waiting at least two weeks in between cabbage soup diets.