How Do You Know How Far You Ran?


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When measuring running distance, a pedometer can be used to log mileage in real time. Two types of pedometers are available, and these include fitness applications that are downloadable on the preferred mobile device and specific devices that attach to clothing. Both are viable options for measuring distance.

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When starting any fitness regime, measuring distance is an important factor in achieving goals. Using a pedometer when running outdoors is the most accurate way of recording mileage for future reference. Pedometers are available in specific devices that clip onto shoes or clothing and measure distance, steps taken and calories burned. These devices range in price from $15 to $100 depending on the complexity and brand, as of November 2014.

Mobile device apps targeted toward fitness buffs combine GPS technology and a social aspect. Most incorporate social networking with fitness goals to create a support community while tracking and saving workout frequency, distance and calories burned. These apps range in price from free downloads to a nominal $5 fee, as of November 2014.

For the less technologically inclined runner, measuring running distance is simple but less accurate. Counting city blocks and then calculating distance after the run or planning the route in advance are ways to measure distance without a separate device.

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