What Factors Influence the Price of LASIK Eye Surgery?


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The price of LASIK eye surgery depends on the surgeon performing the procedure, the technology used in the surgery, the location of the surgery and additional services included, according to LASIK.com. Prices may include a year's worth of follow-up appointments or a limited-time or lifetime enhancement package, so every patient should ask what the price includes.

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What Factors Influence the Price of LASIK Eye Surgery?
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A surgeon who has been performing LASIK surgeries for a long time usually charges more than a newer surgeon because people are often willing to pay more for a surgeon with more experience. If the patient is having the surgery done in a place with a high cost of living, such as New York City or Boston, the price is often higher. Despite the high price, health insurance usually does not cover the cost of LASIK, but some insurance companies negotiate for a lower price on the patient's behalf, per LASIK.com.

The type of technology used in the surgery greatly affects the cost of LASIK. The traditional LASIK procedure is the cheapest option, while a custom LASIK procedure is more expensive because it utilizes a three-dimensional map of the eye. Although this technology is more expensive, it is often more accurate, which can reduce the costs incurred by follow-up procedures. The most expensive option is the IntraLase procedure, in which the surgeon uses a laser instead of a blade to perform the surgery, according to CostHelper.

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