What Are Some Factors That Cause Auditory Hallucinations?


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Factors that contribute to auditory hallucinations include mental illness, substance abuse, lack of sleep and medications, according to Healthline. Some specific disorders associated with auditory hallucinations include schizophrenia, psychosis and alcohol withdrawal delirium.

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Depending on the underlying cause of auditory hallucinations, the treatment and the type of doctor needed varies, states Healthline. Auditory hallucinations are one of the most common types of hallucinations. Common auditory hallucinations include hearing a person speak who isn't there, being instructed to do certain things, or hearing sounds like clicking or tapping. Some people hear an angry voice, while others hear a friendly or neutral voice. However, not all auditory hallucinations are a sign of illness, as approximately 10 percent of the population experience this at some point and are not mentally ill, according to The New York Times.

Some people who drink too much or take drugs such as cocaine or PCP see or hear things that aren't there, explains Healthline. Additionally, people who are chronically sleep deprived or those who have not slept for a period of days are more likely to hallucinate. Medications for diseases and disorders such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, depression and psychosis can also lead to hallucinations. However, many other conditions and disorders can lead to hallucinations, including brain cancer, high fevers, social isolation, migraines and seizures.

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