What Factors Affect Neck Lift Cost?


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Factors impacting the cost of a neck lift include the type of neck lift being performed, the doctor’s level of experience, the geographic location and the procedural costs, including anesthesia and facility fees, states the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A 2013 average cost listed by the ASPS was $4,102.

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What Factors Affect Neck Lift Cost?
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Neck lift surgery typically fulfills one of three goals: patients seek this cosmetic surgery to either remove excess skin, remove excess fat, or fix what is commonly referred to as a “turkey wattle” neck, explains WebMD. Depending on the desired outcome, the procedure and the cost may vary. Some procedures only remove the patient’s neck skin or fat. Other procedures actually alter the patient’s neck muscles or require Botox injections. The type of neck lift surgery impacts the cost of the procedure. Another factor influencing the cost of the surgery is the cost of the doctors. Not only is the patient paying for the cosmetic surgeon, but the patient is also paying for the anesthesiologist and any other surgery staff.

The patient may be responsible for costs incurred at the location of the surgery, whether it is a hospital or surgery center. These costs may include preparation, supplies, medications and tidying fees, explains WebMD. Geographic location has a great bearing on the cost of neck lift surgery as well. Similar to the classic supply and demand model, the popularity of the surgery and the availability of cosmetic surgeons based on geographic location impacts how much the surgery itself costs the patient.

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