What Factors Affect the Cost of Permanent Eyebrows?

What Factors Affect the Cost of Permanent Eyebrows?

Factors affecting the cost of permanent eyebrows include geographic region, type of facility, expertise of the medical clinician or makeup artist, and methods used. Another consideration is the cost of follow-up visits after the initial procedure is performed, according to Tattoo Eyebrows HQ.

Eyebrow tattoos are more expensive in some counties than others, and costs are higher in cities. As of March, 2015, average upfront costs in the United States are between $300 and $500, whereas in the United Kingdom, providers charge an average of between 359 and 760 British pounds upfront, according to Tattoo Eyebrows HQ.

People pay more for eyebrow tattoos and other permanent makeup when procedures are done at a doctor's office or specialized clinic than at a spa or salon. Medical providers include physicians known as cosmetic dermatologists, according to DocShop.

The expertise level of the technician is very important. In the United states, tattoo artists can become board-certified by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or the American Academy of Pigmentation, as stated by Tattoo Eyebrows HQ.

Cost is also influenced by tattooing techniques. Feathering, soft shading, soft fill and SoftTap are some popular techniques. Others include 3D eyebrow, powdery filled and full created hair stroke techniques, according to Tattoo Eyebrows HQ.

A customer generally receives a free follow-up visit four to six weeks after the initial procedure. Another follow-up visit happens one to two years later. Subsequent follow-up appointments take place every one to three years. However, the customer should check to make sure that the first follow-up visit is provided at no additional charge, and that the topical anesthetic is also included in upfront costs. When visiting spas and salons, customers also pay tips, as stated by Tattoo Eyebrows HQ.