What Factors Affect the Cost of Hair Transplants?


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Factors affecting the cost of hair transplants include the quantity of grafts and sessions a patient needs; the experience of the doctor; the technology the doctor uses; and the location of the transplant clinic, according to Dr. Robert Jones. The country in which a transplant is performed, the distance a patient must travel to get there, and whether a patient finances his transplant over a long period of time also affect the overall cost of the procedure.

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A major factor that impacts the cost of hair transplants is the quantity of grafts a patient must have, explains Dr. Jones. The extent of hair loss and the level of scalp coverage a patient wants determine the number of grafts a patient needs. A patient who needs to have his hairline rebuilt due to moderate or severe balding require more grafts than a patient who needs hair filled in at the back of his head. The number of grafts a patient needs determines the number of sessions the surgeon must schedule, which affects the cost.

Generally, surgeons with more hair transplant experience charge higher rates than less experienced surgeons, notes Dr. Jones. More expensive clinics usually have surgeons with higher experience levels who use the latest techniques. Rates vary significantly among doctors and among clinics. Hair transplant patients can expect to pay more for doctors and clinics that use certain types of technology, such as the follicular unit extraction process.

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