What Factors Affect the Average Cost for a Hair Transplant?


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The cost of a hair transplant varies by frequency of treatment, type of procedure and the expanse of the area under treatment, explains LocateADoc.com. Other factors that influence the cost of a hair transplant include the expertise of the surgeon conducting the procedure and the number of areas that require treatment; the more skilled the surgeon and the larger the number of areas needing treatment, the more expensive the operation is likely to be.

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What Factors Affect the Average Cost for a Hair Transplant?
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The price of hair grafts and the type of technology or technique used during a transplant operation can also affect the aggregate cost of the procedure, notes Dr. John Frank. Doctors typically determine the cost of a transplant operation by calculating the number of hair grafts required to cover the area under treatment. In general, the average procedure involves about 2,000 grafts.

The type of technique used to harvest and transplant hair follicles can also impact the ultimate cost of a procedure, explains Dr. John Frank. While advanced techniques tend to be expensive, they are preferable because they yield more natural-looking results and also increase the likelihood of hair grafts taking hold and thriving.

A list of qualified hair transplant surgeons, organized in alphabetical order, is available at the American Board of Hair Transplantation Surgery website, explains Dr. John Frank. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery website, on the other hand, allows users to search for hair transplant surgeons within a certain radius by state or ZIP code.

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