Do Facial Exercises Work?


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Facial exercises can help rejuvenate facial tissues, and are used when practicing Facial Yoga, according to HowStuffWorks. Some doctors believe that facial exercises have benefits for preventing wrinkles, while others do not believe this is true.

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Facial exercises were originally developed by New York yoga instructor Annelise Hagen. These exercises involve breathing and stretching methods that help rejuvenate the facial muscles and overall facial appearance by improving muscle tone. Exercises are normally carried out for several minutes a day and involve the neck, head and face. By stimulating the facial muscles, blood flow to the face is improved. Increased blood flow helps to stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps firm the skin and make wrinkle formation less likely.

Facial exercises also help remove tension from the facial muscles, and create a relaxation effect in areas of the face that are frequently affected by tension holding, such as the forehead, mouth, jaws and eyebrows. Facial yoga is not harmful if muscles are not over-strained. Proponents of facial yoga claim that significant differences in facial appearance can become apparent if the exercises are completed every day over a period of several weeks. Common types of facial exercises are the “Baby Bird,” “Satchmo” and the “Smiling Buddha Face.”

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