What Are the Best Facial Exercises?


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The most effective facial exercises involve stretching the muscles in the face, especially those around the mouth and eyes. Facial exercises may help in keeping a youthful appearance.

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Like the muscles through the rest of the body, facial muscles may benefit from regular exercise. As the body ages, skin loses elasticity and its ability to retain moisture. Tightening of the muscles in the face may help delay the aging process. When combined with a sufficient amount of water intake, a healthy diet and limited sun exposure, facial exercises could help maintain younger looking skin.

Some effective facial exercises including raising your eyebrows and holding for five seconds, pressing your fingers down on your cheeks while smiling as hard as possible, and stretching the mouth from a puckered "O" shape to a wide-mouthed smile. Daily massage of the muscles of the brow, mouth and jaw may also help.

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