Why Do Facelifts Cost More in Different Regions?


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Facelifts cost more in some regions and less in others because of a variation in overhead expenses between areas, explains Stainslaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Median household income and property values in an area and the demand for the procedure also influence the cost of a facelift in a particular region, says DocShop.

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Typically, facelifts in metropolitan areas come at a higher price than in smaller cities. This is primarily because of higher overhead expenditures in the former, says Stainslaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Rather than being affected by a larger size and population, prominent cities have higher overhead expenditures due to higher property values and median household incomes. As a result, cosmetic surgeons in large cities usually demand a higher fee compared to cosmetic surgeons in smaller cities, reports DocShop.

Similarly, if the demand for facelifts is high in a particular region, it pushes the price of the procedure up. However, if there is a high demand for facelifts in a particular region and property values and median household incomes are low, the cost of facelift is likely to fall between the low and mid range in that region, states DocShop.

Also, regardless of the region, experienced surgeons typically charge more for facelifts, notes DocShop.

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