What Are Some Face-Lifting Exercises?


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Some different face-lifting exercises are Natural Chin Tuck, Forehead Stress Reliever, Face Firm Up, Face Muscle Relaxer and Cheek Firmer, according to EnkiVillage. The exercises help different parts of the face.

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The Natural Chin Tuck will help firm the muscles and pull up the skin on the front of the neck. The Forehead Stress Reliever helps remove stress from the forehead to reduce the wrinkles in that area. Face Firm Up helps contract and tighten the muscles in the face. It also increases blood flow, making the face look radiant, according to EnkiVillage. The Face Muscle Relaxer helps relax the muscles in the face to reduce wrinkles. The Cheek Firmer helps accomplish firmer cheeks by working the muscles.

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