What Are Some Facts About the Ezorb Scam?


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EZorb is a brand of calcium aspartate anhydrous that makes some unsubstantiated claims concerning the effectiveness of its product. EZorb claims that this product provides an elevated rate of calcium absorption and increases bone density. These claims are backed up by trials and reports that may not be valid, according to AdvaCal, a company which offers calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide as supplements.

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Ezorb claims that its calcium supplement promotes calcium absorption rates of 92 percent. This claim is supported by a trial on rats, not humans, and humans cannot absorb such large amounts of calcium at one time. Also, this claim is not supported by the National Institutes of Health, which states that calcium absorption rates depend on the amount of calcium consumed, not the composition of the calcium supplement, explains AdvaCal.

The claims of increased bone density are based on unpublished reports, which are not subject to peer review within the scientific community; therefore, there is no proof that the report's evidence was tried and examined by other experts in the field. The report does not state where the research took place nor does it include the accreditations of the authors of the report, according to AdvaCal.

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