How Do Your Eyes Grow?


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There is a common misconception that the eye is already at its largest size at birth, but this is false. Human eyes grow rapidly while in the womb, like most other organs, and then they grow for three more months after birth. By three months, the eye is as wide as it gets, but it continues to grow from front to back as the child grows up.

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When discussing the size of the eye, most people fail to consider the portion inside the head, so it would seem that the eyes reach their full size at birth or shortly after. In particular, a newborn's eye is 17 millimeters wide, while an adult's eye is 24 millimeters wide, making the difference in size small enough that it would be difficult to detect without measuring the eyes. By the age of 13, the eye has reached its maximum internal size.

Another part of the reason people may assume that the size of the eyes is fixed at birth is that in babies, the eyes are set very close together, and they gradually move apart as the face and head grow. This movement produces the illusion that the eyes do not grow at all.

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