What Makes Eyelids Twitch?


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Among the most common causes of twitching eyelids are stress, fatigue and the consumption of anything with caffeine. Also called blepharospasm and myokymia, an eyelid twitch refers to muscles spasms in the eyelid that happen involuntarily and cannot be controlled. Once the spasms take place, the eyelid may partially or completely close and reopen.

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Apart from the probable causes of eyelid twitching already mentioned, the spasms can also be triggered when certain irritants affect the cornea or the conjunctiva. The eyelid twitch in these cases may be more severe, causing the eye to completely close. In some cases, the cause of the eyelid twitch cannot be determined and these sudden spasms often last much longer and are uncomfortable.

Bouts of eyelid twitching may go on and off for days until the symptoms completely disappear in a few days. Most people experience a form of eyelid twitching at some point. Apart from the spasms, other symptoms that come with eyelid twitching include light sensitivity (which may be the cause of the eyelid twitch in the first place) and blurry vision.

Although most cases of eyelid twitching often resolve themselves within a week, there are a few simple methods of treatment that will speed up the process. These methods include getting more rest and sleep, using eye lubricants and cutting down on caffeine intake. Should the twitching last for more the one week, become more severe and other symptoms appear, it will be best to consult with a medical professional immediately.

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