What Eyedrops Should Be Used for Pink Eye?


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The appropriate eye drops for pink eye treatment include prescription antibiotic eye drops for bacterial pink eye, lubricating eye drops for viral pink eye and antihistamine eye drops for allergic pink eye, according to All About Vision. Patients should consult an eye doctor to receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Antibiotic eye drops and ointments generally clear up bacterial pink eye within several days, but patients should take the full course of antibiotics even if symptoms disappear, as instructed by WebMD. More severe cases of bacterial pink eye, such as those caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea, may require prescription oral antibiotics. Viral pink eye generally goes away on its own within one to three weeks, but lubricating eye drops may be used to relieve symptoms. If the pink eye is caused by the herpes virus, the patient may need to take prescription antiviral eye drops, as the condition can be severe.

When pink eye is caused by allergies, patients can take antihistamine or steroid eye drops to relieve symptoms, as stated by WebMD. Steroid eye drops should never be used unless prescribed by a doctor. Patients can also apply a warm compress for up to 10 minutes at a time to relieve symptoms of pink eye.

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