How Is Eyebrow Loss Treated?


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The treatment for eyebrow hair loss depends entirely on the reason for the hair loss and can range from an eyebrow hair transplant or semi-permanent face tattoos to a simple thyroid medication prescription, according to the Daily Mail, Fox News and the American Hair Loss Association. One of the most common reasons for hair loss is the thyroid.

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People who have thyroids that are not working properly will often see hair loss on their head and on their eyebrows, reports Fox News. However, once the problem is discovered by a licensed medical practitioner then thyroid treatment will be prescribed and taking thyroid medications will reverse the hair loss. The hair will grow in and should return to its full thickness after a period of a few months.

For people with conditions such as lupus that destroy the hair completely and where there is little hope of regrowth, a more creative solution is necessary. One such solution is an eyebrow hair transplant. To do this, a hair transplant surgeon will implant each hair one at a time, reports the American Hair Loss Association. The entire process takes approximately 3 months because the transplanted hair needs to fall out and then regrow naturally on the patient. Another solution is to get a semi-permanent face tattoo that can mimic natural eyebrows, reports the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas.

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