What Is an Eye Ulcer?


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An eye ulcer is an inflammation or infection occurring in the eye. This can be caused by the herpes simplex virus, a bacterial infection of the eye or a fungal infection. The virus that causes chicken pox and shingles can also create eye ulcers.

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Eye ulcers, also known as corneal ulcers, may be caused by physical damage to the eye, such as tears or scratches on the surface of the eye. Ulcers may also form due to other types of trauma, such as stray particles becoming trapped on the eye and creating irritation and inflammation. Dryer eyes tend to form ulcers more easily due to their tendency to become more inflamed than properly hydrated eyes.

Contact lenses can cause eye ulcers if they are not cleaned or used properly as bacteria trapped on the lens can develop and create irritation in the eye, which leads to eye ulcers.

Eye ulcer symptoms include red eyes, severe pain in the eyes, a sensation of something stuck on the eye, tears, pus or a thick discharge from the eye, and blurry vision. Make sure to consult a doctor if experiencing severe pain or drastic changes in vision, especially if exposed to chemicals or stray particles that cause these issues.

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