How Do You Get Your Eye Pressure Range Back to Normal?


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People can get their eye pressure range back to normal through the use of eye drops, according to WebMD. However, if the patient can't tolerate eye drops, she can opt for laser surgery, but laser surgery and other types of surgery on the eye comes with risks.

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Opthalmologists have a wealth of options in terms of medications that can treat elevated eye pressure. These include topical beta adrenergic antagonists such as timolol, alpha-adrenergic agonists such as brimonidine, prostaglandins such as travoprost and carbon anhydrase inhibitors such as brinzolamide, according to an article in the Journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management.

Eye pressure can also be too low, and medications are also utilized to treat this condition, according to the Journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. These include prostamides and prostaglandin analogs. They can be combined with medications that lower ocular pressure to give the eye an optimal level of pressure. However, using a single medication to control eye pressure is considered ideal by medical professionals.

Elevated eye pressure, or ocular hypertension, happens when the aqueous humor or the eye doesn't drain properly, says WebMD. This causes the pressure inside the eye to increase. Eventually, this can lead to damage of the optic nerve and loss of vision, a condition known as glaucoma. Though glaucoma is relatively easy to treat, vision can't be recovered once it is lost.

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