What Are Some Facts About Eye Freckles?

Eye freckles, or choroidal nevi, are flat, benign pigmented areas that occur on the back of the eye. Also called eye nevi, they are relatively uncommon and can only be seen by an eye-care specialist during an eye exam.

Although eye freckles are normally benign, they can occasionally develop into malignant melanomas. Eye freckles can be gray, yellow, orange or brown. Most eye freckles show no symptoms. If an eye exam reveals an eye nevus, the physician should take a photograph to document its size.

If the freckle starts to leak fluid, grows beyond 2 millimeters in diameter, or takes on an orange color, it could indicate a melanoma is forming. If it has yellow and white spots called drusen, it may indicate the eye is unable to discharge waste from the retina. Unfortunately, there is no way to safely remove benign eye freckles as of 2015.