How Do You Take an Eye Exam Online?


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It is possible to take an eye exam online through a vision website to receive a general diagnosis, notes Zeiss.com. Sites such as Essilor.com and Opternative.com help give patients an idea of whether or not they need to visit the doctor for a more thorough exam.

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Vision and glasses retailers have made some free vision screenings available online for customers to use. These tests help diagnose myopia, far vision, near vision, astigmatism and daltonism, notes Essilor.com. Customers can visit these companies' websites and click on the desired test type, usually found under an "eye care" or "better vision" tab.

Free vision tests are not meant to replace a doctor's diagnosis. However, there is an online refractive eye exam that can provide patients with a doctor's prescription, states Opternative.com. This company provides an online eye exam that people can take for free and the option to get a digital prescription based on the exam for $40 as of 2015. Patients can use this prescription to order eyeglasses. It is possible to take the exam after signing up for a free account from the home page.

Anyone considering the Opternative exam should be aware that this is just a refractive test, which is used for eye prescriptions. It does not include other tests used for eye health, which are recommended for a patient to take at least once every two years.

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