What Are Eye Cysts?

An eye cyst is a lump that forms on the eyelid when the gland within the skin is inflamed, explains WebMD. The lump is commonly warm, red and painful and grows over days or weeks. Glands commonly become blocked with oil or infected with bacteria, causing the gland to rupture, which leads to inflammation, explains EyeHealthWeb.com. Cysts form when the body reacts to a medical condition or receives exposure to environmental factors.

Some eye cysts are due to infection, which produces swelling of the eyelid that may affect a person's vision and appearance, according to EyeHealthWeb.com. Bacteria, dirt or debris surrounding the eye can lead to a cyst's formation. Common cause of cysts on the eye or eyelid include poor hygiene, cosmetics, dirty contact lenses, eye duct or eye gland blockage, or staph bacteria. People who leave makeup on overnight or touch or rub the eyes with unwashed hands can also cause a cyst to form on the eye or eyelid.

Symptoms of eye cysts include redness, swelling, tenderness and pain surrounding the lump on the eye or eyelid, explains EyeHealthWeb.com. Some patients also experience discoloration of the skin around the eye, discharge, crusting around the cyst, itchiness and discomfort when blinking.