What Are Some Eye Aneurysm Treatments?


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Repairing an eye aneurysm with surgery and medical therapy are the only ways to treat eye aneurysm, according to WebMD. Surgical procedures for an aneurysm can have risks but are often successful.

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When surgery is impossible or proves to be more harmful than the eye aneurysm, drug therapy and monitoring may be the ideal course. Doctors check on the type, size and position of an aneurysm using different imaging techniques. This helps them decide the best approach for the treatment, as reported by WebMD.

For patients with inoperable eye aneurysms, doctors prescribe medications that reduce the force of the heart contractions and lower the blood pressure, thus reducing the possibility of a rupture. For an operable eye aneurysm, doctors typically use drug therapy and advise accordingly, with constant monitoring to track the growth of an aneurysm, as claimed by WebMD.

If the eye aneurysm enlarges, doctors may suggest immediate surgery. A surgeon frequently treats the eye aneurysm by using a clip that cuts off blood flow from infected regions. A doctor may choose to remove the aneurysm and replace the cut section with a synthetic graft. Lastly, if one has a history of heart disease and stroke, it is necessary to take appropriate actions to keep an aneurysm from forming. Changes in lifestyle and diets become crucial, notes WebMD.

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