What Extra Coverage Is Included on the Delta Dental Premium Plan?


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Delta Dental's premium plan, known as "Delta Dental Premier," features their largest network of dentists and doctors and coverage that includes a set co-payment for routine visits and a set percentage of shared costs for other procedures. Delta Dental describes its Premier plan as its "most valuable network."

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Delta Dental's Premier plan network includes approximately 80 percent of licensed dentists nationwide. With such an extensive group of dentists participating in the plan, consumers are able to go to nearly any dentist of their choosing. Dentists contract with Delta Dental at a set rate, so they cannot charge a higher fee to patients. This contract ensures that Premier plan members only pay the co-payment amount.

In terms of cost to the consumer, Delta Dental's PPO plan offers the largest discounts on dental fees. However, the network participation by dentists is not as large, so Delta recommends a combined PPO plan with Premier for the largest network and the lowest costs. On average, the PPO plan gives consumers approximately 20 percent savings over dentists' advertised fees. In an example provided by DeltaDental.com, if a dentist charges $1,000 for a dental procedure, the Delta PPO contract reduces that fee to $710. The Delta Premier plan reduces the fee to $950. The coverage for both plans is 50 percent, so the cost to the consumer is $355 or $475, respectively.

The monthly premiums are not advertised and the out-of-pocket cost to the consumer will vary depending on employer contribution and benefits.

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