What Do Experts Say About the Flex Belt?


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In general, experts say that the Flex Belt is effective at toning and slimming the abdominal area. The product has been approved by the FDA as of 2015, and is safe for use by healthy individuals of all fitness levels.

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The Flex Belt is a fitness device that delivers small electronic impulses to the abdominal muscles while it is being worn. This forces the abdominal muscles to repeatedly contract and relax, mimicking the muscle movements involved in more strenuous abdominal exercise, thereby toning and strengthening the muscles.

Reviews on FlexBeltReport.com and DietSpotlight.com indicate that the Flex Belt is generally comfortable and easy to use, and offers a wide range of intensity settings to suit the needs of various users. The product also comes with a money-back guarantee should the user be unsatisfied with the results. The Flex Belt is not intended as a weight-loss aid, and delivers the best results when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The makers of the Flex Belt recommend wearing the belt for 30 minutes daily over a period of four to eight weeks to achieve optimal results. After this, the user may wear the belt for 30 minutes, two or three times per week, to maintain results.

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