What Do Experts Say About the Effectiveness of Laser Knee Surgery?


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Studies on the use of low-level laser therapy, also known as LLLT, as a way to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain, demonstrate its effectiveness, as published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. In addition, LLLT also shows effectiveness in treating knee pain caused by meniscal tears, claims Sports Medicine Research.

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The majority of cases of knee pain are caused by a meniscal injury. Conventional medical treatment for meniscal tears generally includes pain management and surgery. LLLT has also become a part of the therapy, and it is showing promising results in knee pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Significant improvements in patients receiving LLLT were reported in both the short term and long term, with pain relief experienced up to one year later. LLLT also appears to speed up the healing time of soft tissue injuries, according to Sports Medicine Research.

The precise reasons for the success of LLLT are not fully understood. Some experts theorize that it causes reduced stimulation of pain receptors. Studies did not address whether or not LLLT actually influenced a structural change in the knee, so this also remains unknown.

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