What is an expert-endorsed diet for gaining weight?


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Eating six small meals daily consisting of nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products is a recommended diet for weight gain by experts, according to Mayo Clinic. Additionally, a person should eat lean proteins sources such as nuts and seeds, and replace coffee and diet soda with healthy shakes and smoothies. A person trying to gain weight should also avoid drinking fluids before meals because they blunt appetite.

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When attempting to gain weight, people should avoid excess fat and sugar and instead eat calorie rich foods that are nutritious such as bran muffins, yogurt and granola bars, states Mayo Clinic. A weight-gain diet includes topping off dishes with extra calories by adding cheese, scrambled eggs and fat-free dried milk. Experts advise snacking on peanut butter, avocado and lean meats. They also recommend exercise to build muscles and stimulate appetite.

When attempting to gain weight, it helps to include starchy vegetables such as peas, corn and potatoes in the diet, says WebMD. This is because starchy vegetables have a higher calorie count than other vegetables. Fatty fish such as salmon are high in calories and contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Olive oil is healthy and has a high-calorie content. Gradually increasing the food content that the gut can handle helps in gaining weight. When trying to gain weight, it is best to avoid food products labeled low-carbohydrate, light or diet.

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