How Expensive Is Gallstone Surgery?


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As of 2015, the average national cost of cholecystectomy, or gallstone removal surgery, is $12,700, according to New Choice Health. The total cost of the surgical procedure may vary due to the cost of the physician, hospital facility charges, health plans, insurance policies and other variables.

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As of 2015, the self-pay cost for cholecystectomy at Rochester General Hospital in New York is $6,260.91, not including anesthesia and doctor’s professional fee, according to Clear Health Costs. In Oklahoma City, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma posts a total cost of $5,865, which includes the fees of the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the facility.

Different states and different hospitals can widely vary with their asking price regardless of quality and the area’s cost of living. The hospital’s negotiation with the patient’s insurance company is a huge factor in the final bill of the surgical procedure, according to Bernard Health.

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