What Are Some Exercises for the Waist, Hips and Thighs?


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Fitness magazine describes effective exercises that target the hips, waist and thighs. For example, the bench step-up is a relatively easy exercise that works out the hips and thighs. During this exercise, the individual holds lightweight dumbbells in each hand, notes Fitness magazine. She steps up onto the middle section of an elevated bench with one leg, while the opposite leg remains straight; she holds the position for three seconds.

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The cross-switch exercise requires an individual to sit on a raised, flat bench. According to Fitness magazine, this exercise works out the abs and back muscles. The knees are bent, with the feet planted flat on the bench seat. Leaning slightly backwards, she punches her right fist towards her left thigh, as she twists her upper body to the left. This position is held for three counts. She then alternates sides, and punches her left fist towards her right thigh, as she twist her upper body to the right. Fitness magazine states that it is important to remain upright and keep the abdominal muscles engaged throughout the entire exercise.

Prevention magazine demonstrates the waistline trimmer exercise that uses an exercise ball. A person begins this exercise by lying on her back with knees bent and raised in the air. She rests her heels on top of the ball, and her hands are locked together behind her head. She exhales as she moves her left shoulder up towards her right hip. She inhales while lowering to the starting position. Then she repeats the exercise on the opposite side.

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