How Do You Do Exercises to Help With Vertigo?


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To perform the Brandt-Daroff exercise for vertigo, the patient starts in an upright sitting position, tilting his nose upward at a 45-degree angle. Then the patient slowly lowers himself into a lying down position on his side. The exercise is repeated on both sides of the body.

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How Do You Do Exercises to Help With Vertigo?
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Vertigo most commonly occurs because of inner ear problems that confuse the brain's sense of balance. The Brandt-Daroff exercise works because the movement emulates the confused signals and thus helps the brain adapt to them and find an equilibrium. Usually the patient must perform the exercise daily for a few weeks or up to a few months before the vertigo symptoms begin to improve, although in some cases the symptoms may disappear suddenly while doing the exercise.

The Semont Maneuver is essentially the same exercise, but it is performed rapidly. The intent of this exercise is to dislodge obstructive debris that may be a cause of the vertigo, moving the debris from the inner ear to a less sensitive location.

It should be noted that these exercises can also induce symptoms of vertigo, and patients may wish to discontinue them if they cause too much discomfort. Most types of vertigo eventually go away on their own, so there is no conclusive data that either of these exercises works as a cure.

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