What Are Some Exercises for Upper Arm Toning for Women?


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Some exercises for upper arm toning for women include modified push-ups, bicep curls, lateral raises, tricep stretches and the plank. Some other exercises are the standing V raise, shoulder press, airplane extension and crescent lunge and row.

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What Are Some Exercises for Upper Arm Toning for Women?
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A modified push-up is similar to a regular push-up, but starts with the knees and toes on the ground instead of just the toes. Position your hands on either side of your shoulders, spread your fingers, and raise and lower your upper body and upper legs to the ground. The biceps curl require light weights or dumbbells. Stand straight with your feet planted on the ground and at shoulder width with your knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells upwards in the palm of your hands, and then bring them into your chest, bending your arms at the elbows.

For the triceps stretch or curl, lie down with your arms straight above you holding the dumbbells. Bend your arms at the elbows until your hands reach either side of your head, and return your arms to the starting position. Another way to do this exercise is to stand leaning forward with knees bent and your upper arm parallel with the ground so that your elbow is bent and your forearm vertical with the ground. Raise the dumbbell back so that your arm is straight above your back, and return to the starting position. For each of these exercises do a few sets with 10 to 15 repetitions in each set.

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