What Exercises Tighten and Lift Buttocks?


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Exercises to tighten and lift buttocks include perky lifts, rear raisers, booty boxes, squats and bridges. To do a perky lift, get on all fours with knees directly under the hips and hands beneath the shoulders. Point the toes, and lift the right leg until it is parallel with the floor. Lift the leg a little higher, trace the letter "P" with the toes, then lower and repeat. Switch to the left leg to work both sides of the body.

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What Exercises Tighten and Lift Buttocks?
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To do rear raisers, position on all fours with the right leg straight and parallel with the floor. Cross the right leg behind the left leg, and then tap the floor with a pointed toe. Squeeze the glute, and line up the right leg with the right hip so it is parallel with the floor again. This exercise is designed to tone the upper outer side of the glutes.

Squats are classic exercises that are very effective at toning the lower body. To do a squat, stand with feet shoulder width apart, and bend the knees. Move the buttocks back, as if to sit in a chair, keeping the knees behind the toes. Focus on pressing up through the heels to feel the muscles burning in the glutes.

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