What Are Some Exercises to Help You Throw a Football Farther?

According to Made Man, increasing arm strength is a direct result of being able to throw a football at a maximum distance. There are certain exercises which, in combination with proper diet and hydration, strengthen the throwing arm. Upper arm exercises, such as bench presses, help maximize the throwing distance of a football.

Strengthening the forearm and the biceps helps when throwing a football. A stronger arm results in the ability to throw a football the maximum distance. Bench presses are a great way to strengthen the arm muscles as well as the chest muscles. Curls also help to strengthen the arm muscle for throwing a football. Lat pulls are another exercise which helps properly strengthen the muscles in the throwing arm, resulting in maximum distance for throwing.

Passing the ball with another person daily strengthens the muscles in the passing arm as well. This especially helps those who regularly lift weights. It helps to keep the muscles lean and prevents them from becoming too bulky in the throwing arm.

Made Man explains that proper diet is vital in strengthening the throwing arm. Foods high in protein and fiber help feed growing muscles. For sustained hydration, it is critical to reduce sugary drinks and replace them with water. This replenishes liquids lost during exercise and practice. While strengthening exercises help to increase arm strength, it is important to remember the other factors that play hand-in-hand with those exercises, like diet and hydration. Without a proper diet and hydration, solid exercises are not as beneficial to the arm muscles or sufficient to increase the throwing distance of a football.