What Are Some Exercises for Stroke Recovery?


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Recommended rehabilitative exercises for stroke patients who sustained debilitating effects involve exercises geared towards relearning basic functions, which focus on regaining muscular control, coordination, strength and range of motion, suggests Everyday Health. Skill training exercises and workouts that build endurance also aid in stroke recovery.

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What Are Some Exercises for Stroke Recovery?
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Post-stroke rehabilitation usually starts within a day of onset, which is believed to increase the likelihood of functional recovery, states the American Heart Association. Stroke survivors can ease into simple activities, such as low-level walking, self-care tasks, periodic sitting or standing, mobility exercises and motor challenges. These activities, which prevent deconditioning of the muscles and promote balance and coordination, are essential in the pursuit of stroke survivors toward reacquiring lost functions and achieving independent living.

Patients who regain enough strength and mobility may progress into aerobic exercises to improve gross motor skills. These activities include graded walking and functional seated exercises. Exercise equipment, such as a stationary bicycle, is beneficial for working the legs. Arm and hand exercises involve stretches and range of motion activities to prevent spasticity and improve mobility around joints. Research also indicates that repetitive use of the arm in performing tasks helps in stroke recovery, notes WebMD.

Exercises that builds muscular strength and endurance include resistance training of the extremities, which can include the use of elastic bands, pulleys, free weights and spring coils. Flexion-based workouts entail static stretching of the torso, including the upper and lower limbs. The quality of life of stroke survivors may also improve from practicing Yoga and Tai Chi.

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