What Exercises and Stretches Are Recommended for a Supraspinator Tendon Tear?


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Some exercises and stretches for a supraspinator tendon tear include holding onto a doorway with both hands and leaning forward to stretch the shoulder gently, and lifting light weights in each hand from a hanging down position up into a wing-like position gently squeezing the shoulder blades together during the lift, according to Healthline. A resistance band provides more options for stretching the shoulder area gently.

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The supraspinator tendon is part of the rotator cuff muscles that control the shoulder joint and hold the bones of the shoulder in place, states Healthline. Tears in the rotator cuff typically occur from repetitive, overhead arm movements or falls onto the arm. Gentle stretches and exercises help the joint heal and retain a normal range of motion.

Another gentle exercise for rotator cuff injuries involves attaching a resistance band securely at shoulder height, maintains Healthline. The injured person kneels with the knee opposite the injured shoulder raised. The band is held with both hands and pulled downwards with a rowing motion without twisting the arms. The shoulder stretches as the shoulder blades squeeze together towards the end of the movement.

An alternate exercise with a resistance band, starts by holding one end of the band under the foot opposite the shoulder with the injury, reports Healthline. The hand on the injured side pulls the other end of the band up with a motion similar to starting a lawnmower. The elbow moves across the body as the injured shoulder presses into the center of the back.

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