What Are Some Exercises to Strengthen the Pectineus Muscle?

Exercises that utilize hip adduction and flexion movements strengthen the pectineus muscles. According to AZCentral, lateral lunges and side lying hip adductions are effective pectineus exercises.

Pectineus exercises are important because the pectineus is responsible for hip flexion and hip adduction, according to AZCentral. One exercise that can be easily performed by most individuals is the lateral lunge. To perform a lateral lunge, begin with the feet slightly apart. Take one large step to the right while simultaneously keeping your heel down and your hips back. Then, bend the knee of the right leg, and lower your hips toward the ground. After holding the stretch for a sufficient amount of time, straighten the right knee, and return to a standing position. Continue the exercise using the left leg.

Another exercise suggested by AZCentral is the side lying hip adduction. To perform this exercise, start by lying on your side. Stretch your legs out straight, and stack them on top of each other. Slide the top leg several inches backward. Slide the bottom leg upwards several inches. This motion should be initiated by the hip. Slide it slowly back to the ground, and repeat. Then, repeat the exercise for the other leg.