What Are Some Exercises to Strengthen the Neck?


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Two effective neck strengthening exercises are the chin tuck and the prone cobra, according to Spine-health. These exercises help improve posture and strengthen the neck when done multiple times a day.

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A patient performs a neck chin tuck by standing against a flat wall and pressing the head back until the back of the head touches the wall, with the chin tucked downward. He holds the stretch for five seconds, releases and repeats as necessary, states Spine-health.

A patient begins a cobra stretch by lying face down, placing his forehead on a folded hand towel, positioning his arms at his sides with palms facing down and placing his tongue on the roof of his mouth. He pinches his shoulder blades together, lifts his hands off the floor and rolls his elbows in, rotating his palms out and thumbs up. Finally, he lifts his forehead about an inch off the towel without tipping his head or looking forward.

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