What Are Some Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles?


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Some exercises to get rid of love handles include the oblique press and reach, the side plank crunch, and the around-the-world obliques. These exercises do not require equipment, and participants can use an optional yoga mat.

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The oblique press and reach involves kneeling on the left knee with the right foot placed in front. Participants can hold a light weight in the right hand if desiring additional resistance. The exercise involves starting in a straight position and then bending to the side, placing the left hand on the ground and extending the right arm in the air.

The side plank crunch involves stabilizing the body with only the support of the right arm and feet. Participants elevate the body, from its side, off of the ground. The next step is to tuck the right knee into the chest while keeping the core tight. Sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each complete the exercise. Participants can shift to the other side, supporting the body with the left arm and repeating accordingly.

Finally, the around-the-world obliques involve starting in a standing position with the legs spread apart, greater than shoulder width. A weight or even a pillow can assist with support, but it is not necessary. Participants bend to the right while keeping the hips straight and then rotate after reaching resistance. After completing 8 to 10 repetitions, repeat on the other side.

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