What Exercises Result in Leg Pain Below the Knee?


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High-impact exercises involving running and jumping can cause shin splints and leg pain below the knee, according to WebMD. Other exercise-related conditions that cause lower leg pain, including muscle cramps, tendonitis, and injuries such as sprains and breaks, may be a result of muscle fatigue, inadequate conditioning or overuse.

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Shin splints occur when connective tissue and muscle along the shin become inflamed, explains WebMD. The condition may also impact those who utilize too much outer rotation of the foot and leg. Shin splints can be treated with rest, ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines. Patients should avoid activities that worsen the pain while gradually incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises to aid recovery. Wearing support shoes helps to prevent future injury, and runners should avoid running on hard surfaces.

Pain in the calf or heel due to inflamed tendons, or tendinitis, is commonly a result of intense exercise or not warming up properly, states WebMD. Pain may be more severe if the Achilles tendon is torn. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone, and tears or injury to the tendon cause pain and stiffness at the back of the heel when the calf muscles are flexed. Achilles tendinitis recovery can take weeks of rest and stretching.

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