What Are Some Exercises to Relieve Wrist Pain?


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Some exercises that may help with wrist pain are the gorilla pose, chicken dance pose and wrist release, according to Breaking Muscle. These are gentle, yoga-inspired stretches that help with different conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Those with extreme or persistent pain should consult a physician.

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The gorilla pose is good for discomfort and inflammation of the wrist, whether from carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, says Breaking Muscle. The pose is accomplished by standing with the feet hip-distance apart and bending the knees while moving the upper body forward. The hands touch the ground and slide underneath the soles of the feet with the palms facing up. The chicken dance pose requires the person with wrist pain to sit or stand and bend the elbows while wiggling the wrists up and into the armpits. The palms of the hands face out, allowing the hands to stretch properly.

Wrist releases are also performed while standing or sitting, with the right hand parallel to the ground, notes Breaking Muscle. The wrist is flexed backward, with fingers pointing to the ground and the palm facing forward. The fingers are spread wide while the other hand gently pulls them up. The process is repeated for the other side.

Exercises for the wrists and hand are only recommended for people with conditions such as osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow, states Harvard Health Publications. A person should not attempt these exercises if the joints are extremely painful or inflamed.

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