What Exercises Relieve Vertigo?


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The Epley maneuver and half-somersault maneuver are exercises that help reduce benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, according to WebMD. The exercises work by repositioning the calcium crystals in the ear. Before performing these exercises, individuals should visit their doctors to determine which ear is affected.

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What Exercises Relieve Vertigo?
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To perform the Epley maneuver, the patient should sit on the edge of a bed and rotates the head 45 degrees toward the problem ear, explains WebMD. There should be a pillow positioned so that it is between the person's shoulders upon lying down. The person then lies down quickly, landing the head on the bed at the same 45-degree angle and turns the head 90 degrees toward the non-problem ear after 30 seconds. After another 30 seconds, the person rolls the body and head onto the side opposite the problem ear so that the head is facing the ground. The individual slowly rises to a sitting position after a final 30 seconds.

The first step of the half-somersault maneuver is to kneel down and face the ceiling for a few moments, notes WebMD. Next, the patient tucks the chin toward the knees until the head touches the ground and wait until any vertigo subsides. The patient then rotates the head 45 degrees toward the problem ear for 30 seconds. The person rapidly pulls the head upward until it is level with the back while entering into an all-fours position. While keeping the head rotated 45 degrees, the individual quickly brings the head upright and then slowly rises to a standing position.

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