What Exercises Relieve Knee Pain?


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Some exercises that relieve knee pain are chair knee extensions, wall slides, abductor raises and hamstring curls. Using the stationary bike and stretching may also help relieve the pain.

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What Exercises Relieve Knee Pain?
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As a result of exercising the muscles that surround the knee joints, the knees become stronger and less likely to be injured. Regular exercise also keeps these joints from stiffening, promoting easier movement and less pain. The main muscles around the knee that should be exercised to reduce pain are the quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and adductors.

Chair knee extensions are performed while sitting on a chair. Rest the foot of one leg on another chair with the knee slightly raised, and lightly push that knee to the floor using just the leg muscles. The pushing should be held for up to 10 seconds before releasing. Wall slides are performed with the back against the wall; the knees should be bent at a 30-degree angle as the back slides down the wall and up again. Make sure to keep the legs and feet parallel.

The stationary bike increases knee strength and range of motion. To decrease knee pain, proper leg positioning is crucial. At the bottom of the pedal stroke, the knee bend should be around 15 degrees.

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