What Exercises Help to Reduce a Double Chin?


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Exercises that can reduce double chin include the chin lift, neck roll and platysma exercise. These exercises help tone the facial and jaw muscles, firming the jawline skin and getting rid of the excess fat to reduce the double chin, according to FitDay.

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What Exercises Help to Reduce a Double Chin?
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The chin lift involves stretching and toning the jaw, neck and throat muscles. To perform a chin lift exercise, allow your spine to stand erect, and tilt the head back till it faces the ceiling. Complete the first cycle of activity by plucking the lips as if kissing the ceiling, and repeat five to 10 times, instructs FitDay.

The neck roll tones the facial muscles and eases the shoulder tension, explains Fit Day. Begin the neck roll by keeping your spine erect and, while inhaling, turn the head to allow the chin to touch one of the shoulders. Then, while exhaling, roll the head downward to rest the chin on the chest. Complete the first cycle by inhaling and lifting the head till the chin touches the second shoulder. Then, perform five to 10 cycles to complete a session.

The platysma exercise firms both the chin and the throat. While sitting or standing upright, pull the lips against the teeth, turning the mouth corners downward. Open the mouth slightly, and activate the jaw muscles. Then, press the lips firmly against the mouth corners. Complete the exercise by wiggling the lower jaw for five to 10 times. A session of the platysma exercise has five to 10 cycles, notes FitDay.

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