Are There Any Exercises That Reduce Dizziness?


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There are some exercises to reduce dizziness. Carol Foster, MD, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine devised an exercise called the half somersault maneuver to reduce dizziness in patients with vertigo by recalibrating the particles in the ear.

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According to Carol Foster's half somersault maneuver website, to perform the half somersault maneuver the patient sits on his knees then tips his head straight up to look at the ceiling, holding that position for a few seconds. Then, the patient leans forward and puts his head completely upside down as if he is going to roll forward. Then, he turns his head toward his elbow that corresponds with the side of the ear that is causing the dizziness and waits for the spinning to stop. Lastly, he rises back up and makes his back straight and keeps his head turned until the spinning stops. The patient should repeat this technique as necessary.

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