What Exercises Are Recommended for Heel Spurs?


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Exercises that involve stretching help to treat, remedy and heal heel spurs. Heel-spur.info recommends exercises that focus on the foot and the calf for the treatment and remediation of heel spurs. While all of the exercises listed are beneficial, it is important to not overexert the foot or the muscles, since more pain can result from overexertion.

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What Exercises Are Recommended for Heel Spurs?
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Heel-spur.info indicates a number or exercises that are successful in relieving a heel spur. Of those listed, one includes stretching the muscle in the back of the foot and the calf muscle. To do this exercise, stand on a bench or a step with only your toes. With your heel hanging off the step or the bench, lower your heel until you feel a slight stretch through your foot to the back of your leg. Another exercise successful in treating this condition involves sitting on the floor. Sit with your legs out in front of your body with toes pointing upwards. Wrap a towel around the toes and gently pull the towel until a slight stretch is felt.

Calve stretches also help with a heel spur. With your legs straight, lean forward against a wall. One leg should be bent underneath you, while the other leg is straight behind you. Lean forward until you feel a slight stretch in the leg that is straight behind you. One last exercise involves more of a massage rather than an exercise. Sit in a chair and place a tennis ball under your foot. Rub the tennis ball on the bottom of your foot with as much pressure as you can stand. These exercises should be repeated two to three times per day and 10-15 repetitions per session, according to Heel-spur.com.

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