Are There Any Exercises for a Prolapsed Bladder?


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WebMD recommends doing Kegel exercises to tighten the pelvic floor's muscles as a treatment for mild to moderate bladder prolapse. MuTu System, however, suggests that Kegel exercises are inadequate and instead recommends another type of pelvic floor exercise.

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In response to a prolapsed bladder, MuTu System calls for an exercise that involves sitting on an exercise ball, pulling the navel to the spine, then lifting the pelvic floor without moving the tailbone. The exercise can be made more effective by tying a resistance band around the knees and trying to spread them apart while doing the pelvic floor lift. Another recommended exercise recommended by MuTu System is the squat, which helps to strengthen the gluteal muscles and loosen the sacrum, both of which are helpful in preventing bladder prolapse.

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