Are There Exercises Patients Can Do at Home to Treat Osteoarthritis of the Knee?


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Some home exercises that patients with knee osteoarthritis can do are leg raises and stretches, half-squats and stretches for the hamstrings, according to Healthline. These exercises are helpful in strengthening knee muscles and increasing its range of motion. Another form of exercise that may be useful is walking.

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Some other exercises that people can do are yoga for balance to reduce the chance of falls. Similarly, people may also exercise by doing low-impact or water aerobics, recommends Healthline. Strength and resistance training is also useful for mobility, states WebMD. However, people should follow their doctor's recommendation on the type of exercise that is best for them.

Although exercise may help with knee osteoarthritis, people may require other treatment options for addressing symptoms like soreness, joint inflammation and severe pain, explains the Mayo Clinic.

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