What Are Some Exercises on Miranda Esmonde-White's Workout DVD?


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Miranda Esmonde-White's workout DVD sets of her show "Classical Stretch" feature stretching and strengthening exercises for the entire body, which help increase overall mobility, relieve pain and release tension. Many of Esmonde-White's exercises focus on improving back conditions, losing weight, toning the body and increasing strength and flexibility.

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Miranda Esmonde-White's "Classical Stretch: Back Pain Relief and Prevention" DVD set features exercises that help improve and prevent common back pain issues. Her "Classical Stretch: Weight Loss and Pain Relief" DVD set is mostly devoted to weight-loss exercises, which often target specific areas of the body; all of her DVD sets include exercises related to reducing and relieving pain in some form or another. Esmonde-White's "Classical Stretch: Strength and Flexibility" DVD set is devoted to her exercises for improving strength and flexibility, many of which are featured on her other DVD sets. The exercises on this DVD set go more in-depth, covering all areas of the body, including the fingers and hands, the feet and ankles, and the legs and hips.

Her "Classical Stretch: The Health Series" DVD set is well-rounded, featuring exercises for increasing energy levels, improving balance, losing weight loss and toning the entire body. It also features stress-relieving exercises, spinal-stretch exercises and hip-strengthening exercises. Esmonde-White's "Classical Stretch: Age Defying Series" DVD set focuses on preventing, reversing and slowing down common age-related conditions, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It features exercises to improve posture, strengthen the body and increase flexibility and mobility.

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