What Are Some Exercises That May Help With Diastasis Recti?


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Some of the exercises that may help with diastasis recti include diaphragmatic breathing, standing push-ups and bridge pose, explains Healthline. The chances of diastasis recti can be high when one strains by twisting or bending the torso.

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To do the diaphragmatic breathing, lie on your back with your hands placed on top of your rib cage, and then inhale, explains Healthline. Make sure you feel your lower ribs expand into your hands, more so on the sides, as you do this. Let the diaphragm contract as you exhale.

To do the standing push-ups, stand facing a wall with your feet apart, and then place your arms against the wall and inhale, ensuring that your breath flows deeply into the lungs, explains Healthline. As you do this, focus on allowing your ribs to expand and form a circumference, rather than letting air create a puffed abdomen. Draw your abdomen in toward the spine as you exhale, and then lean onto the wall as you begin the next inhalation, keeping your arms bent. Push your body from the wall as you exhale, before resuming a straight-up position.

To do the bridge pose, begin by lying on your back with the spine pressed down onto the floor, knees bent and feet flat, explains Healthline. Lay your arms at the sides as they face down, and inhale slowly, using your diaphragmatic breathing. Lift your pelvic area, ensuring that your body forms a straight incline, with the knees being the highest point and the shoulders the lowest. Holding that pose, inhale gently, slowly rolling your spine back onto the floor on exhale.

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