What Are Some Exercises for Managing Osteoporosis?


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Individuals with osteoporosis should perform weight-bearing, resistance and flexibility exercises to help manage the condition, explains WebMD. Weight-bearing exercises such as hiking, walking, dancing and stair climbing help build bone health when the density is at risk of deteriorating.

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Sports such as swimming and bicycling are also suggested weight-bearing exercises to improve the heart and lungs while strengthening muscle support for bones when coping with osteoporosis, notes WebMD. Individuals with osteoporosis can also participate in low-impact aerobics or use stair-step or elliptical training machines at home or in a gym.

Resistance exercises include using resistance tubing that wraps around the arms and legs while performing arm and leg lifts, free weights or weight machines, and water exercises, according to WebMD. Resistance exercises help people with osteoporosis build bone and strengthen muscles while reducing the risk of injury or fractures and increasing bone density.

People with osteoporosis should also engage in flexibility exercises such as yoga, regular stretches and tai chi, suggests WebMD. Building flexible joints can help prevent injury when coping with fragile bones common with osteoporosis. Nonimpact activities such as balancing, posture and stretching exercises can also help improve muscle strength and coordination and increase a patient's ability to perform daily tasks such as getting out of bed or walking up and down stairs.

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